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Pitch Pine

This is our most popular product. It is a tropical semi-hardwood and only comes from structural timber and therefore does not need seasoning.
Sold in ¾ thickness and in widths of 3¼”, 4¼”, 5¼”, 6¼”, 7¼”, and 8¼” . Other widths are available by order.

Lengths varies and therefore cannot be specified.
£25 yard² (£29.90metre²) up to 5¼” in width.

Due to the difficulty of, and greater cost involved in sourcing, the price goes up by £5 in yards² (£5.98 in metres²) for every inch wider thereafter.

Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine flooring has been staple of homes large and

small for hundreds of years.

Very popular with designers and builders helping them obtain a authentic look to interiors.

This timber is usually supplied in a 4 ¼” wide laying face (to match Victorian measurements) and used for patch up jobs.

Also sold in widths of 5¼” 6¼” 7¼” and 8¼”, the latter being the most popular. 10 inch widths can be supplied for period renovations when available.

Price £18 per yard² (£21.50metre²)



Canadian Redwood


This is very popular when available , with Warm Colour & Lively Grain Patternation.

We have supplied canadian redwood to the National Trust and English Heritage for

some of there restoration projects.



It is sold in widths of 6¼”, 7¼” ,8" (possibly 8¼” )


This wood can be stained to look like oak and then given a slight sand and sealed.
This type of floorboard is popular

as an alternative to oak, which is a lot more expensive.

Priced at £20 per square yard {£23.90metre²}.



Just in - very wide maple flooring, 1” thick with excellent patina,
ideal for any period property restoration. Please ring for prices


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